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As I'm Tryna complete my Dex, I've decided to open a small Training Shop in which I can train your Pokémon to High Exp or Happiness. I believe in 1 Pokemon at a time, and you also have to be patient.



For Experience
1 Unique Pokemon (Any) I will train 100K
1 Unique Pokemon that is in it's 2nd Evolution form I will train 125K
1 Unique Pokemon that is in it's 3 Evolution form I will train 150K 
1 Unique Mega Evolved Pokemon I will train 200K
1 Unique Legend I will train 1 Mil
For Happiness
1 Heart for 2 Unique Pokemon
2 Hearts for 3 Unique Pokemon
3 Hearts for 4 Unique Pokemon
Maximum Hearts for 1 Unique Legend or 6 Unique Pokemon

Rates for Events


Pikachu (Christmas): 2,000,000
Unique Pikachu (Christmas): 2,500,000
Pikachu (Jedi): 4,000,000
Unique Pikachu (Jedi): 5,000,000
Rotom (Halloween): 5,500,000
Unique Rotom (Halloween): 6,000,000
Vivillon (Pokeball): 6,500,000
Vivillon (Fancy): 7,000,000
Unique Vivillon (Pokeball/Fancy): 7,500,000/8,000,000
Kyurem (B/W): 8,000,000
Unique Kyurem (B/w): 9,000,000
Missingno.: 10,000,000
Unique Missingno.: 11,000,000
Zygarde (Cell) Set: 1,000,000
Zygarde (Partial): 5,000,000
Unique Zygarde (Partial): 6,000,000
Zygarde (Complete): 20,000,000
Unique Zygarde (Complete): 25,000,000
Pikachu (Cosplay): 27,000,000
Unique Pikachu (Cosplay): 30,000,000
Arceus (Water): 25,000,000
Unique Arceus (Water): 27,000,000
Caterpie (Christmas): 32,000,000
Unique Caterpie (Christmas): 37,000,000
Volcanion: 45,000,000
Unique Volcanion: 50,000,000

In training:Shiny Budewto 4 Mil

Shiny Bulbasaurto 2 Mil



Waiting List

  • Dark Cleffato 2 Hearts
  • Shuppetto 22,000,000
  • Shiny Aipom/Shiny Barboachto 24,000,000
  • Metallic Bagonto 5,000,000
  • Shiny Pichuto 3 Hearts
  • Shiny Togepito 1,000,000
  • 166.pngto 16,000,000





  • MaNaV16_Uniques
  • MaNaV16





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1 hour ago, manavsharma9231 said:

Sure offer it on a Pokemon UFT on IGN MaNaV16_Uniques

Could You Also Train My Shiny Pichu to level 3 happiness? Can give 3 uniques for it. @manavsharma9231 How much time would it take...

Btw My Mobile's Battery Is Low So Will Offer the Two After 2 hours..I hope it is fine!

Edited by EagerRhino
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1 hour ago, manavsharma9231 said:

YUP I can. Offer them on IGN MaNaV16_uniques

Sure! offfer on the above IGN^^^


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1 hour ago, manavsharma9231 said:

Dont offer the Payment pokes now. Only offer the pokemon u want to be trained

Offered, how much time it will take?

Edited by Guest
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8 hours ago, Dirty Money said:

That's fair. What would you want for it?

It is for swap means i want another unique that's evolved by happiness

6 hours ago, EagerRhino said:

Please Put My Shiny Riolu On Trade Or Just Offer Them On My Ign : RotomHalloweenboo 

If you want to offer the shiny pichu and shiny riolu,together,Np!

That's fine! Ill put both uft together. I'm  busy now. I'm having exams

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