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Lillie and Magearna's Connection in Pokemon Sun and Moon


While it is not yet confirmed, we may have an idea of how Magearna will tie into everything in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

During the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demonstration, just before the battle between the player and Hau, they are met by Professor Kukui and Lillie.

Lillie's bag begins to shake and says the word, "Pew." No doubt there's a Pokemon inside, but which one? Although it is not yet completely positive, there's a big chance that it could be "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Magearna. why? Because of the way Lillie was described on the Pokemon website as well.


Perhaps Lillie feels this way because of her connection to "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Magearna.Remember, she's said to not be fond of making Pokemon fight in battles. And this ties into how "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Magearna can feel other Pokemon's pain and suffering.

Going one step further, could the reason that Lillie is so mysterious is because she's a descendant of the scientist who created "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Magearna?

Right now, it all just seem to be loosely connected story threads, but there is definitely a high chance that both Lillie and Magearna will be important in some way to the story of "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

It is also important to point out that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Magearna's Fleur Cannon is likely a Fairy-type move considering it was super effective against Pangoro.

Dont be lazy to read it and Repute if u like it :D Dont b Stingy .

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Lillie seems to correspond to N from Black and White in many ways-the same mystery and possibly the same ambiguity and depth will be found in her speech once people do play the game.However,your analysis of the story is quite interesting,I have a feeling you're going in the right direction

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1 hour ago, Uncle_Psychic said:

new pokemon revealed!Grubbin is freakin awesome

I saw them on 30th :D Itself hehe .

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