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Which Pokemon is your least favorite? Why?

Which Pokemon do you find the creepiest? 

Which Pokemon do you consider to be the ugliest? 

Which Pokemon do you find to be the prettiest?

I must admit, I don't particularly care for Donphanand I find Claydolto be the creepiest. Those eyes get to me.  And  i find Diglettto be the ugliest. As for which I find the prettiest, my favorite Pokemon Suicunewould definitely fit that category. 

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My least favorite Pokemon would have to be Keldeo. why because it's annoying...... i find Shadow Gastlyto be the creepiest i mean look at those eyes i find Yamaskto be the ugliest and the prettiest Pokemon i could think of Shiny Arceus (Fairy)because of the color and the art of the make of this Pokemon

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1 hour ago, Joshua Hambly said:

Litten or  Pyroar both are cats


Oh, that's a tough one. Both are adorable. But as I have yet to know what Litten's final evolved form is, I'll have to go with Pyroar. 

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