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Giveaway Time :D


As promised in my trade thread, here is my giveaway.

This will be my first giveaway, so I hope you like it.

This giveaway will have 6 winners.


And the winners are:




First Winner: Kyurem (Black) Kyurem (White) Rotom (Halloween)  + 10 unique legends from my trades (2 of each type, winner picks, excluding events) - Won by Scheryar


Second Winner: Kyurem (Black) Kyurem (White) + 10 normal legends from my trades (winner picks, excluding events) - Won by JaymzIsUS


Third Winner: Kyurem (Black) Kyurem (White) + 10 unique pokemon from my trades (2 of each type, winner picks, excluding fossils, events and happiness pokemon) - Won by darkxknight101


Fourth and Fifth Winners: Rotom (Halloween) - Won by GunMagazine and Squamato


Sixth Winner (Loser): Zygarde (Cell) - Won by astoncorgi


Here's the list (proof):  tg0Tu2.jpg



All prizes are claimed. This giveaway is now over.

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