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OK, the forums have been wiped, including my old account. I tried logging in as StarPonyta20, and it worked, but then I clicked around and figured out I was using my IGN to prance around on the forums. I did not like that, even though all my stuff was the exact same, and I wanted to sign up with the forums registration. I logged out, clicked the sign up button, and typed in my username and email address, but it would not let me sign up, saying everything was already in use. Then I tried signing in again with my IGN, and it said "incorrect password" (or something to that effect). I retyped my password correctly, and while I had typed it perfectly, I was told, "Incorrect password. Your account has been locked for fourteen minutes." Now I am having to use my old, disused, alternate in-game account to say something. What's going on?:(

Also, the forums pikachu is wiped. Why?!?!?!????

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I'm not sure what went wrong and caused it to lock your account, I can only assume you didn't type your password correctly like you thought you had.

I've unlocked your account for you.

the name you are likely trying to register with using the forums registration probably already exists as a Vortex game account so you will not be able to register it unless you are the owner of it.

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