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Samael Jackson

"Secret" Trainer Battles

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I was an old Pokemon Crater player from back 2005. I remember playing with my friends, exploring the maps, just chilling and catching pokemons.

I always loved exploring the maps, it was a really fun aspect of the game, when i heard that Vortex was like the spiritual succesor of Crater, i went ahead and created a new account. And really, it felt just like those days, however, i started noticing that the maps feel... empty, for saying the least, i know, i know that there's an option to enable to see players, but i never used that, for the sake of keeping the game a "genuine pokemon game experience". And i noticed that the maps in Vortex don't have anything more to them, like, there was no huts, or places to go and explore, it was just walking to point A to point B, not that Crater wasn't like that, mind you. But, i wanted to suggest the idea of adding houses or places to explore in the maps, and find some trainers to fight. And i mean, really strong trainers, i remember back in the Crater days that i found Proffesor Oak in one of the huts, and you could actually fight him. I know there's the sidequests and the event battles, but it feels like challenges that where just put there as an afterthought, i always felt it was more fun to go and explore the maps to find those overpowered trainers and the game felt more "alive" with those small things added here and there.

But that's probably me, getting my nostalgia speak in my words. But hopefully you guys can understand how i feel about it.

Catch 'em all, trainers. :)

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@Samael Jackson I feel you brother. I was an avid Crater player too. I remember those days like yesterday.
But, to tell you, those events .. and uh sidequests are still there. But they have become more simpler. Crater was for like the 90's kids. Those who loved the 'real' thing. But now, this younger generation needs stuff, simplified. And that's why Vortex is such. There are events here too. You can get Event Pokemon here and lots of other prizes. So do the sidequests. They also have fossil Pokemon which we can gain.
But, but .. I have to agree that Crater felt "lively". No true offence to our beloved Vortex admins. But, those trainers, those kind of sidequests .. They were a whole new world.

I know coding and programming this would mean hell, but we are just dreaming. And I don't know but I hope dreams come true.

Crater. Bulbasaurremembers. :D 

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