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What Evolutions Have You Found on the Maps?

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Hey! I'm trying to make pages for the wiki to become a Wiki Editor to be nice and contribute, but I have no clue what evolutions can be caught! Right now I'm wondering mainly about Kanto Pokemon (numbers 1-151), but anything is appreciated. Just post what evolutions you've caught, and I'll get to work (I'll have to go in order, though, so Kalos evolutions will have to be last, sorry.). Thanks!

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Mentioning on which map you found them would be more helpful.

on grass maps i found: Pidgeot, Butterfree, Raticate, Loppuny, Servine, Weepinbell and Pikachu

on electric maps: Altaria, Electabuzz, Staravia, Pidgeotto, Raichu and Whirlipede

on ice maps: Weaville and Vanillish

on ghost/psychic: Kirlia, Kadabra, Haunter and Hypno

on water: Dewott, Tentacruel and Wartortle

on cave maps: Ferrothorn, Boldore, Barbaracle and Vibrava

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Just want to point this out but Onix has a high rarity level just like high evolutions in cave maps. Seen rare moments Onix can be level 38, 43, etc despite a regular Onix comes in level 5-20

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i found a pikachu,butterfree,raticate,charmeleon,golem,gravler,pidgeotto,kadabra,beedrill



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Grass Maps : Pidgeot, Beedrill, Butterfree, Pikachu, Lopunny, Raticate, Weepinbell, Ivysaur, Herdier, Servine

Water Maps : Dewott, Gyrados, Golduck, Wartortle, Tentacruel, Marshtomp, Simipour

Cave Maps : Steelix, Shelgon, Excadrill, Pupitar, Dugtrio, Golem, Graveler, Ferrothorn, Boldore, Barbaracle, Golurk, Noivern

Ice Maps : Beartic

Fire Maps : Flareon

Electric Maps : Electabuzz, Staravia, Pidgeotto, Raichu, Altaria

Ghost Maps : Kadabra, Haunter, Hypno, Chimecho, Kirlia, Bronzong


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