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Hi my name is silverstar2202 i have a few good ideas for the V4 side of vortex i am more of idea's guy then anything.

i would like to see when a friend gets on you might get a bell sound or a notification. i wouldn't mind seeing more ribbons for like point values considering it  only goes to 200.000 , i would also like to see it where you can change the back ground to any color not just red black and blue though i love those color i like a verity and im sure other people do as well. i thought this would be a good idea to have personal mile stones to have certain poke balls unlocked like --> (example: you must have all badges and ribbons and event ribbons to unlock the dark ball or the heavy ball). i wouldn't mind having the ability too always have that wonder trade instead of just for an event. i would maybe also like to see another money ribbon maybe make it say 1 million dollar ribbon then 10 million dollar ribbon then maybe a 20 million dollar ribbon and they go up by tens or after ten they jump to 50 then 100 million. and i do love the idea of selling pokemon from banned accounts for a certain price 

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