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Hello everyone! After much discussion, we here at Pokémon Vortex have decided to host a competitive battle tournament hosted on Pokémon Showdown which is a real-time battle simulator for Pokémon

Anyone is welcome to participate, even if you have never been on the competitive battle scene. It takes nothing but a bit of time to enter so why not try your luck?

So, onto the tournament itself - While this seems like a lengthy read, please do read it, it is very important towards the rules that must be followed in order to enter the tournament.


In this very first tournament, we will be taking on a Spring based theme. Spring is known for it's rebirth of life. It's the time flowers begin to bloom, the bee's quickly buzz to pollinate flowers, and animals emerge from hibernation, back into the wilderness.

For the Springtime Battle Tournament, your first job is to create your spring based team while following OU rules and our own limitations which are outlined below.

If you are not familiar with Smogon's OU ruleset, please give them a quick read so you know what you're doing and where you stand on building a team.

When creating your team on Showdown, for the type of battle, set it as OU.

Here is a list of 'Uber' Pokémon which are banned from the tournament: Click

Rules for entry:

  1. Pokémon types eligible to enter are: Normal, Fighting, Flying, Ground, Rock, Bug, Water, Grass, Fairy, Poison and Fire. A Pokemon MUST have these types. If for example a Pokemon as a type of Fighting and Psychic, it isn't allowed as Psychic isn't allowed even though Fighting is. A Pokemon that is Bug and Grass type would be allowed though. Or, for example, if you have a Pokemon that is just Normal typed, that is also allowed.
  2. Just in case a refresh is needed, these types are NOT allowed: Electric, Psychic, Dark, Steel, Ice, Ghost and Dragon.
  3. Exempt from the type rules above, the following Pokémon ARE allowed: Raichu, Plusle, Minun, Honchkrow, Celebi, Rotom-Cut,  Galvantula, Exeggutor and Dedenne - Which still fit the spring theme but break the type limitations.
  4. Hold items are not allowed except for berries and mega stones.
  5. The tournament will consist of one round elimination. Meaning, give it your all each time as it's make or break, win or lose. Who fights who will randomly be generated, so maybe you'll fight your enemy or maybe your best friend on here. When the round starts will be posted on here, so please check back often. Depending on how many people enter will decide on how long everyone has to finish their battle.
  6. Each round will span over a 48 hour cycle so please make yourself available when you have a battle to do. If you are not available within the 48 hours to do your battle, it will be taken as a loss on your part and the opponent will get a buy into the next round.

      7. Signups will close and battling begins on April 4th, 2016.

If you have any further questions, feel free to PM @sportsandmusic69 or @Patrick or @Rob

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start thinking of teams and strategies! Good luck to everyone!

We will be reviewing teams to make sure what your using is allowed.

Signups are NOW closed! Patrick will be adding the final names soon, so stay tuned and get ready to battle.

Entry Form:

Pokémon Vortex Username:
Pokémon Showdown Username:
Pokémon 1:
Pokémon 2:
Pokémon 3:
Pokémon 4:
Pokémon 5:
Pokémon 6:

Prize List:

  • Winner - Random Arceus (Unknown).
  • Runner-Up - 2 random fossil Pokemon.
  • Semi-Finalists - 15 Masterball's.

Current Standings:


Please note - The entries have not yet been shuffled and this does not indicate who will be facing who.


How to sign up on Pokemon Showdown: For those who haven't registered an account. At the top right click "Choose Name". Then, the gear icon next to your name go down until you see "Register". Follow the info provided. Congrats, you are now registered.

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8 hours ago, Rob said:

Either your team wasn't valid, or you posted it to his profile rather than PM'd it to him.


6 minutes ago, karanludra said:

Why isnt my name in the event ? I had sent my IGn and Showdown IGN and my name isnt there :( 


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1 hour ago, Uncle_Psychic said:

got rekt :T_T:

I hate crits

So did I.
By Sneezie :T_T:

Edited by Guest
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On 3/31/2016 at 1:31 PM, sportsandmusic69 said:

Pokémon types eligible to enter are: Normal, Fighting, Flying, Ground, Rock, Bug, Water, Grass, Fairy, Poison and Fire.

10 minutes ago, himanshu24092002 said:

why you used venusaur it is poison type which is banned


Because I read rules.

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  • Developer
1 hour ago, london456 said:

Rob I pmed him my team. And it was valid. I actually even told him tht the first team I sent him was invalid and sent him a new tam which was valid before registration was over

Both of your teams were invalid. You had Abomasnow-Mega on it which is Ice type and banned from the tournament.

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