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Chatroom Guide (Originally by apisthebest)

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Welcome to the Pokémon Vortex Chatroom Guide! Here we will run you through all the basics of the Pokemon Vortex Chatroom, how to go about using it, the rules you have to follow, and answers to the key questions you might have.


The Chatroom can be found at: http://chat.pokemon-vortex.com/

For those wishing to use a desktop IRC Client:

Server: irc.pokemon-vortex.com

Port: 6667

Official Channels are: #PokemonVortex [Main], #Trades [For trading], #PokemonTrivia [For Trivia], and #Help [For any questions or queries] 

Kindly stick to the topics of the channel and post stuff only related to what that channel is meant for. For example, post trades only in #Trades and not in #PokemonVortex


Chatroom Rules

The chat rules are vital in order to keep the chatroom a safe and friendly environment for players. Please do read the chat rules before you begin chatting. Failure to comply with the rules may result in kicks/bans.

Click the spoiler to view the rules:




This is an English language website with English speaking mods, so we ask that you please speak in English so that we can moderate you properly and keep the chat organized.

Do not insult other members, treat people with respect and you will receive respect.

This website is meant for all ages, keep your mouths clean while visiting please.

Please do not spam the chat. This includes inflated punctuation, excessive use of the same letters, gibberish, etc.

Please do not use excessive caps, it is not necessary.

You are allowed to post 4 lines of text per 6 seconds, please do not exceed this limit.

Please do not post links unless the URL is of our own or if the website is in our whitelist.
Whitelist: (Coming soon)

Do not come into the chat trying to "hook up" with girls or boys, that is not what our IRC server exists for.

Again this is a website meant for all ages, so please do not discuss unpleasant matters in the chat. This includes sexual discussions, gore, etc.







Guide for Newcommers

If you're new to the chat, then you probably want to get some stuff out of the way. 

Firstly, read the rules. it's a good idea to become accustomed with our rules and regulations before you start chatting. This way you'll know what to and what not to do. It will save you from getting into trouble, and possible banned.

Secondly, find yourself a good name. Names on chat are also known as "nick"s. You want people to recognize you, so it's best to use 1 nickname, preferably the same as your IGN. You also need to get this nick registered. This means it will have a password, so nobody will be able to steal it and impersonate you. To register a nick, the command is: 

/msg nickserv register <yournewpassword> <youremail>

Enter your password and your email in the places mentioned, without the brackets. After this is done, every time you enter chat, you will need to type: 

/msg nickserv identify <yourpassword>

This will identify you as you and will confirm it's not an imposter.

Thirdly, become a friendly face in chat. Talk to people, interact with the staff, and be nice. Gradually people will get to know you and you'll make friends. Remember to comply with the rules at all times, but don't forget to have fun!

The staff are always there to help if you need them. PM them, or ask for help in the #Help Channel. The names of staff personnel are listed below. 


Moderators / Staff Members on Chat.

To enforce the rules and make sure everything runs smoothly, we have a few staff members who moderate the chat. They only have powers on chat, and are not actual admins in-game, with the exception of Patrick, Rob, and Chris (the game admins) who are present as well. However, Mods will always be willing to help and guide you, in-game and on chat.



Owner ~Patrick

Owner ~Rob / LordHelix

Owner ~Chris

Operator @ sportsandmusic69

Operator @apisthebest

Operator @Tyheamma

Operator @Marcus

HalfOP %Becky

HalfOP %Blair

HalfOP %Red





Chatroom Bots

The chatrooms also have bots in them. These are NOT real people, and are automated machines used for various purposes. The official bots are:


[bOT]SkyNet - A bot which enforces the rules

Caterpie - A Moderating Bot.

[bOT]Dexter - Runs the Trivia on #PokemonTrivia


Chatroom Commands:

The following are the basic chatroom commands:

To register a nick: /msg nickserv register <password> <email>

To identify a nick: /msg nickserv identify <password>

To join a channel: /join <#channelname>

To register a channel: /msg chanserv register <channel> <password> <description>

For learning commands in detail, you can click here to link to a good website for learning.


CREDITS TO Apisthebest & Zeus for this guide on the old forums. 


Thanks for visiting the chatroom guide! Click here to go to the chatroom now. Chat away, and have fun!


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