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Mystic Archeops


as far as i know Mystic Archeopsis not available in the game cause it is available through side quests which have yet not been added but how does this guy own one, was there a giveaway or something?

b3f0006c17654777b78dbebf6ed0fe07.png the owner of the pokemon is  74ea1820bce54ae4a68cf10ce5912e10.png

well i m getting very curious

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1 hour ago, iZeus said:

There is nothing wrong with The Mystic Archeops or Tyrantrum. He won both of those fossils as the runner up of the Pokemon Vortex Live Battle Tournament.


Also why are you all even answering if you don't know the answer? ¬_¬


3 hours ago, glaceon001 said:

It may have been glitched or cheated in.


1 hour ago, unknown_citizen said:

The mistery increases!!! :o

curious @seth1129400, I take the hassle of check all his pokemons (btw all in lvl 100). Besides he having that mystic Archeops, also he is the only one on vortex (by now) who has this...

Level: 100, also is female


Someone intrigued?   me too!

thank u all for answering , and i do not accuse anyone of cheating , i was just curious cause if there would have been a way to get those currently in v3 , i definitely would have tried it, but i know they will be available in v4 

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