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What did you lose?

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So, what did you lose during the crash?


-Exp: Over 200m

-Battles: 4k

-Uniques: over 500

Events: For those of you who saw my AWESOME trading thread before the crash, I lost TONS of events (That I'll have soooo much fun getting back <_>)

So, how did you guys lose? (there may or may not be a sadness giveaway to the one who lost the most, depending on what I DO have left :/)


For those of you who have no idea what's going on please click http://www.pokemon-vortex.com/rollback.php for all the info you'll need about this rollback


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41 minutes ago, Patrick said:
3 hours ago, Patrick said:

So far around 200 hours, money, my sanity and the will to live.

Do I win?


How could you have lost that? Did you trade for it?

Appreciate your great work Patrick and team. Hope game will be back soon and I will recreate my account, and work hard to get everything back.

Lost many events and 100+ legends... but I will get them back :)

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i have lost my zygrade complete, partial, core & cell

i lost kyurem black & white i lost 100s of shiny legendary

i lost my unique primals and mega forms of legendary

i have lost my 5 missingno. that i won in the giveaways

& most importantly i have lost my account with 45% side quests completed all gyms champions etc completed and all the things i have in Pokemon vortex now i have to re-do everything again

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