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Free Charizard Scammers and Chat Scammers

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Just reporting what others have reported recently but a lot of igns are involved so I made a separate one.


First picture is the message from redpilottown

Second screenshot is the message from jorenk


Also I would like to mention that I have seen a spike in training scammers on chat making private conversations and luring me and some other people in my friend list.

So if any new player is reading this I would recommend them not to trade with people in private conversations on chat except on the one dedicated for Trading. :ph34r:

In particular there is this player called NLprof and he has many other accounts like Shiny07. Though he obviously switched to a different account with most of his Pokemons ever since I told him a few days ago that I'm going to report him if he doesn't makes his intentions clear. I was a little suspicious but I gave him a few normal legends way back during the Kyurem event just check if he is trustable and well my prediction became true. ¬¬


That is all for now. :)

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I got the exact same thing from ign: PokemonFangirl1909.

The link is simply a google forms page. It asks for your username and password lol

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The same thing has happened to me. I was wondering if there was anyone else who faced this problem and the player's IGN is gasteluis and his email is   isaac_samuel147@hotmail.com  you guys might wanna check if this is the guy with the same email tho

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