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                               Tyrantrum Welcome To Creepy Helper's Service MartTyrantrum



As I wanted legends and shiny/shadow pokemons,I've decided to open up a service mart.This service mart includes 3-4 parts.So what are you waiting for,let me serve you keeping in mind the "Rules".



☆All global forum rules apply.

☆Follow my rates.

☆There might be several things you won't like,so do not argue with me.

☆Do enjoy at complete satisfaction.

 ☆If you like my work,please do give me a reputation (It would be much appreciated).



                                              [New]Shiny RampardosSidequest-Doing ServiceShiny Rampardos

This part of the thread provides sidequest services where I can do sidequests for you for certain rates.Many of you might not like it,and doubt that I might scam (but think about it,what will I scam if all hardwork and time-spent would be mine).For this service,I do not require any Gym Completed Ign.It can be any ign on which you want me to do sidequests for you for some rates.This service depends on when I can get on pc or how much sidequests you want me to do. ;)



Completing Sidequests Of (Region)               :                      What I Want

Kanto Region                                                                  :   2 Unique Legends Or 6 Normal Legends

Johto Region                                                                   :   3 Unique Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons Or 9 Normal                                                                                                           Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

Sevil Islands                                                                   :   4 Unique Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons Or 10 Normal                                                                                                         Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

TCG (Region)                                                                  :    5 Unique Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons Or 12 Normal                                                                                                        Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

Orange Islands                                                              :    6 Unique Legends+4 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons Or 14 Normal                                                                                                         Legends+4 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

Hoenn Region                                                                :    8 Unique Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons Or 17 Normal                                                                                                         Legends+7 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

Sinnoh Region                                                               :     13 Unique Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons Or 24 Normal                                                                                                        Legends+5 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

I have skipped Almia and Orre Regions,You can ask their rates if you want ,too.

Bundle Deal(s):



Rates for getting sidequests completed till TCG Region :

12 Unique Legends Or 20 Normal Legends.

Rates for getting sidequests completed from TCG Region To Sinnoh Region:

18-20 Unique Legends Or 30 Normal Legends.

Rates for getting All sidequests completed:

27-30 Unique Legends Or 45 Normal Legends.

All Other Bundle Deals (That You'd Bring) Are Also Available.


Sum up all the fossils you will get by these deals and you'll find my rates pretty fair ;)



                                                            [New]Blaziken Gym-Doing ServiceBlaziken                                    

This part of the thread provides gym services where I can complete gym badges for you for certain rates.



3 Unique Legends Or 8 Normal Legends for completing all gym badges.

1 Unique Legend Per Region's Gym.



                                                                        Shiny BudewHappiness Training CentreShiny Jigglypuff

This part of the thread provides happiness training services where I can train your cutest,adorable and strong happiness pokemons to certain hearts you want me to train for them to evolve for certain rates.



1 Heart               :  2 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

2 Heart               :  1 Normal Legendary Pokemon

3 Heart               :  2 Normal Legendary Pokemon

4 Heart               :  1 Unique Legendary Pokemon


                                                                                VolcanionLevel 100 Training CentreVolcanion


This part of the thread provides level 100 training features where I can train your pokemons to level 100 for certain rates.



1 Pokemon To Level 100                   :   1 unique pokemon

2 Pokemon To Level 100                   :   2 unique pokemons

3 Pokemon To Level 100                   :   1 normal legendary pokemon 

4 Pokemon To Level 100                   :   1 normal legendary pokemon+1 Shiny/Shadow pokemon

5 Pokemon To Level 100                   :   1 Unique Legendary Pokemon



Thats Pretty Much All. I do not use bots or any type of glitch/hacking system.I use dark version and LOVE TRAINING BY MY HAND because I have alot of free time ;)

For Clearance I Do Not Have Any Partner.

                                               Lets Start With The Services! :) 

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1 hour ago, VITOL said:

Metallic Togepi 3 hearts for Celebi and Suicune?

Sure. Offer Up On CoyoteTheWolf -I will train your pokemon there. :)

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