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Hello, I have an idea of a possible safari in v4 or in a future update.
The idea is to be able to enter the area Safari by an '' x '' pokémoney price in Pokemon Vortex for '' x '' time and after this ending time, come out of it and be redirected to the dashboard or just not appear over the map and return to the safari menu asking to recharge the time to play on the map.
They could create a new type of Pokémon that are rarer than the current (Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow and Shiny) and has only saffari. Being your rate to find him, bigger than the other type, making them more difficult and popular, they all take advantage this new '' method ''.
They could enjoy the Saffari and create an '' extension '' to him, with a map where possible capture past events that were released on maps (not including donation or another method events (such as Kyurem B / W, Pikachu (Christmas) and Rotom (Halloween) for example.), with a rate find of bigger than the legendary and new types of pokémon created, making your meeting more difficult.

Along with the purchase of '' time '' for us to play in the safari zone, would be good too, we earn 30 (more or less) Safari Ball, in order to capture Pokémon on the map. Only we would be able to catch some Pokemon in the safari zone with the Safari Ball.

It would also be good if we won time on safari to advance in sidequest or battles in the future update of the clans, rank and clan's battles most admired and sought after by the players, in order to join to catch the Pokemon and types of exclusive safari pokémon.

It would be nice to enjoy the safari to reclaim the ancient pokémon and we can capture it:  Ancient Celebi, for example; just by this '' method ''.

I believe that many old players would like your back. It would be nice they are only found in the safari. :<3_<3:

anyway, thanks for attention and sorry for any spelling error:><:

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