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jacknick trade center - leggys for events

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Hi everyone. I have many unique and normal legendaries and I want to trade them with events and donations (hopefully). Here is what I have:




Shiny Azelfx2  Shiny Cresselia x8  Shiny Cobalionx2 Shiny Deoxysx8  Shiny Dialgax2 Shiny Genesectx9  Shiny Groudon x5  Shiny Jirachix4  Shiny Kyuremx6 Shiny Mewtwox4 Shiny Manaphyx1  Shiny Palkiax4 Shiny Rayquazax4 Shiny Regigigasx2 Shiny Regirockx3 Shiny Registeelx2  Shiny Reshiram x5 Shiny Uxiex3  Shiny Victinix1  Shiny Virizionx6  Shiny Yveltalx3 Shiny Zekromx3 Shiny Zygardex3 




Shadow Azelfx4 Shadow Cobalionx3  Shadow Cresseliax2  Shadow Dialgax2Shadow Diancie x3 Shadow Genesectx6 Shadow Giratinax2 Shadow Groudonx4 Shadow Heatranx2 Shadow Kyuremx5 Shadow Mewtwox5 Shadow Palkiax2 Shadow Rayquazax1  Shadow Raikoux2 Shadow Regigigasx2  Shadow Regirockx2 Shadow Reshiramx2 Shadow Virizionx5  Shadow Yveltalx6 Shadow Zekromx4 Shadow Zygardex3 Shadow Victinix1




Dark Azelfx3 Dark Cobalionx4 Dark Cresseliax2  Dark Darkraix2  Dark Deoxysx5 Dark Dialgax6 Dark Dianciex4 Dark Enteix4 Dark Genesectx5 Dark Groudonx2 Dark Heatranx2  Dark Mewtwox1 Dark Mew x1 Dark Palkiax5 Dark Rayquazax5 Dark Rayquaza (Mega)x1  Dark Reshiramx2 Dark Uxiex4  Dark Virizionx2 Dark Yveltalx2  Dark Zekromx4 Dark Zygardex6




Mystic Azelfx3 Mystic Cobalionx3 Mystic Cresseliax2  Mystic Deoxysx2 Mystic Genesectx10  Mystic Landorusx3  Mystic Lugiax2 Mystic Groudonx2 Mystic Jirachix2 Mystic Kyuremx3  Mystic Mewtwox4  Mystic Palkiax2  Mystic Rayquazax1  Mystic Regirockx1  Mystic Reshiramx4  Mystic Suicunex2  Mystic Thundurusx2 Mystic Yveltalx2 Mystic Zapdosx2 Mystic Zekromx3 Mystic Zygardex5 




Metallic Azelfx6  Metallic Cobalionx2 Metallic Cresseliax5 Metallic Deoxysx3 Metallic Dialgax3Metallic Dianciex3Metallic Genesectx5  Metallic Groudonx3  Metallic Heatranx2 Metallic Ho-ohx2  Metallic Jirachix2   Metallic Kyuremx5   Metallic Latiosx3  Metallic Mespritx6  Metallic Mewtwox1 Metallic Palkiax2  Metallic Rayquazax1  Metallic Reshiramx3 Metallic Terrakionx3  Metallic Uxiex4  Metallic Virizionx2  Metallic Yveltalx3  Metallic Zekromx6  Metallic Zygardex2




Arceusx14  Azelfx18 Cobalionx2 Darkraix2 Darkrownx3  Deoxysx2 Dialgax2  Enteix5  Genesectx4  Giratinax3  Groudonx3 Ho-ohx3 Kyogre (Primal)x1   Kyuremx11  Landorusx3 Latiosx3 Mespritx3 Mewtwox23   Moltresx3  Palkiax6 Phionex2  Rayquazax14  Registeelx4  Reshiram  x7 Uxiex3 Victinix2  Virizionx4 Yveltalx6  Zapdosx1 Zekrom x5  Zygardex6


I also have Shiny Arceus (Water)x2 Shadow Arceus (Water)x1 to be traded only with Mewtwo (Armor)


I want these events and donations: Mewtwo (Armor)(any type)Arceus (Fairy)(any type) Arceus (Water)(any type) Shiny Zygarde (Complete)    Volcanion(any type) 

For the events and donations I want, please pm me and tell me what you want.

I no longer need Kyurem forms.


I offer 5 normal legendaries for 1 shiny legendary.

I can offer events only for Mewtwo (Armor)For everything else I can only offer unique/normal legendaries.

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1 hour ago, jacknick11 said:

No, thanks

What can I offer you ? how many unique leggys for Zygarde (Partial)

I already told u not interested in leggies only events

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