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Experience Expedition :D

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Welcome To My Exp Service !


  • Rules
  1. All Forums rule apply 
  2. No Fighting.
  3. Max exp that i can train is 25,000,000 , but i can do more for donation pokemon.
  4. No fighting.
  5. Rates, are already set, please follow them.


  • Rates 

   Normal Legend 200 k

   Unique legend (Mys/Metallic/Dark) 350 k

   Unique legend  (Shi/Sha) 500 k

  Normal  Pikachu ( Christmas/ Jedi) 3 mil

 Unique Pikachu ( Christmas/Jedi) 5 mil exp

 Vivillon ( Pokeball ) 4 mil exp 

 Unique Vivillon ( Pokeball ) 6 mil exp

 Vivillon ( Fancy ) 6 mil exp

 Unique Vivillon ( Fancy ) 8 mil exp 

 Missingno 8 mil exp

Unique Missingno 10 mil exp

 Zygarde cell 50 k

Unique Zygarde cell 80 k

Zygarde Core 8 mil exp

Unique Zygarde Core 12 mil exp

Zygarde Partial 8 mil

Unique Zygarde Partial 12 mil

Zygarde Complete 20 mil exp

Unique Zygarde Complete 25 mil exp

Arceus Water 20 mil exp

Unique Arceus Water 25 mil exp.

Kyurem (Whi/Black) 5 mil exp

Unique (Whi/Black) 8 mil exp


important note :- some rates are not mentioned here, if u want any of those kinds of pokemon trained contact me in pm we' ll negotiate there :D


In Training :- 


@himanshu24092002 Charizard (Mega Y) 2,200,000 / 8,000,000

@azuredragon    Shiny Cacnea0 / 16,000,000


Training Completed:-


 None currently .



Have a great Day :;):

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1 hour ago, himanshu24092002 said:

offered accept pls and how much time will you take 


Depends on factors such as i am busy or not approx time will b 5-7 days may be more if i am busy. Factors such as site down / internet problems are not counted in the time limit mentioned above.

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