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This is my first ever page created so I don't much about this creating a threat type of thing so go easy on me.

I am looking for 3 simple unique legendaries to complete my set of team.

I can offer more if you look at my IGN: Gethimtothegreek

On my tradelist you will see a bunch more of legendaries maybe you will prefer but I chose the best ones and put it up for you guys.






I am looking for Shiny MewtwoShiny Darkrai


I am willing to offer 

Shiny Shaymin (Sky)Dark ArceusDark DeoxysShadow Darkrai

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7 hours ago, 123Aman-2 said:

Well instead of creating new thread for only 3 Pokemons you should try to search in the community trading thread... :) 


Sorry I don't know much but ingame no one is ever on these days or they go on and don't come back on after years, so I thought this is the fastest way.

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