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This is my trade thread for collecting events :raichu:


All blah blah blah global rules applied.

A no is a no.

Follow the rates.

Don't fight.

Don't beg.


No fixed rates, events for events.

Make your best offers :;):

I'll also accept Exp, but for the lower events.

What I got:


 Dark Rotom (Halloween)420k+ ExpMystic Rotom (Halloween)Metallic Rotom (Halloween)Shadow Rotom (Halloween)Metallic Pikachu (Jedi)Shiny Pikachu (Jedi)Metallic Kyurem (Black)Metallic Kyurem (White)Shadow Kyurem (Black)400k ExpShadow Kyurem (White)Mystic Arceus (Water)Metallic Arceus (Water)Zygarde (Complete)Metallic Pikachu (Ph. D.)1.5mil+ Exp

Yeah yeah it isn't much but eh, events are events.

Make your best offers, I don't have what I want list >.<

Thanks to who ever traded! and rip the ones who didn't



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1 hour ago, Haxor69 said:

Deal. It'll be on trade in a Jiffy.


Jedi's are, Rotoms are fair.

If it's ok I will offer later keep it reserved fr me my interenet is v slow atm can't get those dumb trade pages to load

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3 hours ago, Fatih Çınar said:

How much exp do you want for shadow kyurem black ? how much for shadow rotom ?

10 mil for Kyurem


3 hours ago, Goketa said:

Shadow Rotom (Halloween)Metallic Rotom (Halloween)Mystic Rotom (Halloween)Dark Rotom (Halloween) for partial set and normal jedi ????


But can we do 3 Hallo's for the unique Partial's?

@himanshu24092002 no

Edited by Haxor69
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