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As I'm Tryna get more events, I've decided to open a small Training Shop in which I can train your Pokémon to High Exp . You also have to be patient.
but I take at most one month, less than 50 million haha



Pikachu (Christmas): 5,000,000
Unique Pikachu (Christmas): 4,500,000
Pikachu (Jedi): 2,000,000
Unique Pikachu (Jedi): 3,000,000
Rotom (Halloween): 2,000,000
Unique Rotom (Halloween): 2,000,000
Vivillon (Pokeball): 6,500,000
Vivillon (Fancy): 7,000,000
Unique Vivillon (Pokeball/Fancy): 7,500,000
Kyurem (B/W): 4,000,000
Unique Kyurem (B/w): 9,000,000
Missingno.: 10,000,000
Unique Missingno.: 11,000,000
Zygarde (Complete): 16,000,000
Unique Zygarde (Complete): 25,000,000
Pikachu (Cosplay): 15,000,000
Unique Pikachu (Cosplay): 20,000,000
Arceus (Water): 15,000,000
Unique Arceus (Water): 20,000,000
Caterpie (Christmas): 20,000,000
Unique Caterpie (Christmas): 40,000,000
Volcanion: 24,000,000
Unique Volcanion: 50,000,000


so among other Pokémon...


Unique Shadow =  150.000

I just want 10, eevee Shadow = 250.000 each


I'll just pick Pokémon that im have not.

IGN: -Krown-

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