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Even as moderators,sometimes we may miss out on someone breaking certain rules by double posting,swearing etc

In such cases if you do notice it,please use the report feature found next to each post(which is rarely used due to either fear or ignorance)or quote me/sportsandmusic69,even if it is your own post,recognition of your own mistakes is honourable and not folly

to do this,simply mention us in the post where the mistake has been committed,such as "@ Uncle_Psychic,double post,please remove",or post it on our profile/contact us using personal messenger

Bans are only received after 3 warnings,and warnings are only received after extreme cases of persistent refusal to comply,so dont worry about that aspect,do what's right =)

Any such initiatives to make the forums a better and more lively place is greatly appreciated,the responsibility for its maintenance belongs to everyone,its the users which play the game after all

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