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Pokemon Item in maps.

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Well, i want to make the maps a little bit more fun by you can actually find an item by walking around, the "Battle" button will be "Pick Up" button
And there are some rare item that cant be found in the Pokemart like fossil, stones, happiness items, and of couse they will be hard to find just like legendary pokemon
And if you want the game a little bit hard you can add some stones in some suitable map ( Fire stone in Volcano map, leaf stone in grass map, water stone in water area,.. )
And players can sell item with each others
( That's just a thought :^_^:)
P/s: sorry for my bad english

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I have always thought about this being an possibility in this game. Fossils in Maps won't be a very good idea, but there can always be a Mini-game or something for Mining and digging them or something.
Except Fossils, Evolutionary Items and Pokeballs on Maps looks like an Awesome Idea.

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