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16.08.2016 New/Loyal Customer Program - Team Hunter Training Center and Pokestore

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16/08/2016 UPDATE

*New/Loyal Customer Program*

*New Training Rates Table*

*New Unique Legendaries Added*

*New Fossil Pokemon Added*

*New Event Pokemon Added*

*New Pokemon Sets Added*

*New LF Pokemon Added*




We have a new application named New/Loyal Customer Program. We will serve bonusses for new customers that we haven't any deal until nowor old customers

that we are working for a long time.



We will train %10 extra exp for our new and loyal customers...


Shiny Mewtwo (Armor)Our Loyal CustomersShiny Mewtwo (Armor)






Welcome to Team Hunter Experience Section! After the interest of yours, I decided to found a team for serving you fast, economic and legitamate training options. With my brother and my friend, we became Team Hunter! We have 3 accounts for training so far and we can make up to 3 trainings at once. Since we improve our training capacity, we raised the experience rates for your Pokemon! We need events mostly but we also accept Legendary and Sidequest Pokemon. You can PM us for any reason you like. 


Experience Training Rates:

ShayminArceusZygardeKyogreLatias                            200 - 400k Exp

Mystic ShayminDark ArceusMetallic ZygardeShadow KyogreShiny Latias                            650 - 800k Exp

Mystic Pikachu (Jedi)Dark Pikachu (Christmas)Metallic Pikachu (Jedi)Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)Shiny Pikachu (Jedi)                                      3 - 5 Million Exp

Kyurem (Black)Kyurem (White)                                                                                                        5-7 Million Exp

Mystic Kyurem (Black)Dark Kyurem (White)Metallic Kyurem (Black)Shadow Kyurem (White)Shiny Kyurem (Black)                                         12-15 Million Exp

Vivillon (Fancy)Vivillon (Pokeball)                                                                 6 - 8 Million Exp

Mystic Vivillon (Fancy)Dark Vivillon (Pokeball)Metallic Vivillon (Fancy)Shadow Vivillon (Pokeball)Shiny Vivillon (Fancy)                               12-15M Million Exp

Pikachu (Libre)Pikachu (Ph. D.)Pikachu (Belle)Pikachu (Pop Star)Pikachu (Rock Star)                            25 Million Exp

Zygarde (Complete)                                                                                                                             PM Us

Mystic Zygarde (Complete)Dark Zygarde (Complete)Metallic Zygarde (Complete)Shadow Zygarde (Complete)Shiny Zygarde (Complete)                                         PM Us

Arceus (Water)                                                                                                                     25 Million Exp

Mystic Arceus (Water)Dark Arceus (Water)Metallic Arceus (Water)Shadow Arceus (Water)Shiny Arceus (Water)                                 30-35 Million Exp

Mystic VolcanionVolcanionDark VolcanionMetallic VolcanionShadow Volcanion Shiny Volcanion                PM Us

Mystic Missingno.Missingno.Dark Missingno.Metallic Missingno.Shadow Missingno.Shiny Missingno.                 PM Us

Arceus (Fairy)Mewtwo (Armor)Giratina (Origin)Hoopa (Unbound)                                                                                  PM Us


IMPORTANT: We accept everything but our priorities are events, primals and fossils...

Note #1: Ask for rates of Donations, Fossils, Eons and Primals.

Note #2: Rates may be change depending on customer or Pokemon. So feel free to PM us.


Happiness Training Rates:

1 Heart:     2 Uniques 

2 Hearts:   1 Legendary

3 Hearts:   1-3 Legendaries

4 Hearts:    1-2 Unique Legendaries


Level 100 Training Rates:

Level 100 training rates may be flexible. It depends on your Pokemon number and experience. Please ask for rates.











Hello guys! RareHunterXTD here! We want to trade lots of Pokemon. Feel free about sending PM to us. 

We accept Legendaries / Unique Legendaries / Events / Fossils / Eons / Primals / Exprience




Note #1: Sorry but we only trade Primal Duo with diffent types of themselves. 



Normal Legendaries


Numbers don't matter we have many of them. Just tell me how many you you want.


Arceus   ArticunoAzelfCelebiCobalionCresselia   DarkraiDarkrown   DeoxysDialgaDiancieDiancie (Mega)EnteiGenesect  GiratinaGroudon   Heatran   Ho-oh JirachiKeldeo  KyogreKyurem  LandorusLatiasLatiosLugia ManaphyMespritMew MewtwoMoltresPalkiaPhioneRayquaza  RegigigasRegiceRegirockRegisteelReshiramRotomShayminShaymin (Sky)SuicuneTerrakionThundurusTornadusUxieVictiniVirizionXerneas (Active) YveltalZapdosZekrom Zygarde




Dark Legendaries


Dark AzelfDark Celebix2Dark CobalionDark CresseliaDark DarkrownDark DeoxysDark DialgaDark DiancieDark LatiosDark LugiaDark MespritDark MewDark RegigigasDark Regirockx2Dark TerrakionDark UxieDark Virizionx2Dark YveltalDark Zekromx2Dark Zygarde


Dark Legendaries Needed


Dark GroudonDark KyogreDark KyuremDark RayquazaDark RegiceDark Xerneas (Active)



Metallic Legendaries


Metallic AzelfMetallic CobalionMetallic DarkrownMetallic DialgaMetallic DiancieMetallic Diancie (Mega)Metallic GenesectMetallic GiratinaMetallic KeldeoMetallic LatiosMetallic MespritMetallic PalkiaMetallic RegirockMetallic ReshiramMetallic Shaymin (Sky)Metallic TerrakionMetallic UxieMetallic VirizionMetallic ZapdosMetallic Zekromx2Metallic Zygarde



Metallic Legendaries Needed


Metallic ArceusMetallic GroudonMetallic RayquazaMetallic RegiceMetallic Xerneas (Active)



Mystic Legendaries


Mystic CobalionMystic DarkrownMystic Dialgax2Mystic DiancieMystic GiratinaMystic Jirachix3Mystic KyuremMystic LandorusMystic LugiaMystic PalkiaMystic PhioneMystic RayquazaMystic RegisteelMystic Reshiramx2Mystic TerrakionMystic TornadusMystic Virizionx2Mystic Yveltal



Mystic Legendaries Needed


Mystic LatiosMystic RegiceMystic Xerneas (Active)



Shadow Legendaries


Shadow ArceusShadow CobalionShadow CresseliaShadow DeoxysShadow DialgaShadow JirachiShadow KeldeoShadow KyuremShadow LatiasShadow LugiaShadow MewShadow PalkiaShadow RayquazaShadow RegigigasShadow RegisteelShadow Reshiramx2Shadow Shaymin (Sky)Shadow VictiniShadow Xerneas (Active)Shadow YveltalShadow Zekromx2



Shadow Legendaries Needed


Shadow KyogreShadow RegiceShadow Xerneas (Active)



Shiny Legendaries


Shiny CobalionShiny DeoxysShiny DialgaShiny DiancieShiny Diancie (Mega)Shiny GenesectShiny Ho-ohShiny RayquazaShiny RegigigasShiny KeldeoShiny KyuremShiny LandorusShiny MewShiny MoltresShiny Palkiax2Shiny Regigigasx2Shiny RegirockShiny RegisteelShiny ReshiramShiny Shaymin (Sky)x2Shiny TerrakionShiny TornadusShiny VirizionShiny Xerneas (Active)Shiny YveltalShiny ZekromShiny Zygarde





Shiny Legendaries Needed


Shiny AzelfShiny LatiasShiny MespritShiny KyogreShiny RotomShiny Regice






Set Pokemon



Mystic GroudonGroudonDark GroudonMetallic GroudonShadow GroudonShiny Groudon

Mystic MewtwoMewtwoDark MewtwoMetallic MewtwoShadow MewtwoShiny Mewtwo

Mystic PalkiaPalkiaDark PalkiaMetallic PalkiaShadow PalkiaShiny Palkia

Mystic DialgaDialgaDark DialgaMetallic DialgaShadow DialgaShiny Dialga

Mystic DeoxysDeoxysDark DeoxysMetallic DeoxysShadow DeoxysShiny Deoxys

Mystic YveltalYveltalDark YveltalMetallic YveltalShadow YveltalShiny Yveltal

Mystic ZygardeZygardeDark ZygardeMetallic ZygardeShadow ZygardeShiny Zygarde

Mystic JirachiJirachiDark JirachiMetallic JirachiShadow JirachiShiny Jirachi

Mystic ReshiramReshiramDark ReshiramMetallic ReshiramShadow ReshiramShiny Reshiram

Mystic KeldeoKeldeoDark KeldeoMetallic KeldeoShadow KeldeoShiny Keldeo

Mystic UxieUxieDark UxieMetallic UxieShadow UxieShiny Uxie

Mystic RegigigasRegigigasDark RegigigasMetallic RegigigasShadow RegigigasShiny Regigigas

Mystic DiancieDiancieDark DiancieMetallic DiancieShadow DiancieShiny Diancie

Mystic VirizionVirizionDark VirizionMetallic VirizionShadow VirizionShiny Virizion

Mystic TerrakionTerrakionDark TerrakionMetallic TerrakionShadow TerrakionShiny Terrakion

Mystic CobalionCobalionDark CobalionMetallic CobalionShadow CobalionShiny Cobalion

Mystic RegisteelRegisteelDark RegisteelMetallic RegisteelShadow RegisteelShiny Registeel

Mystic RegirockRegirockDark RegirockMetallic RegirockShadow RegirockShiny Regirock




Sidequest Pokemon


Omanytex2        Metallic Omanyte       Dark Omanytex2    Shiny Omanytex2

Kabuto          Shiny Kabuto

Aerodactylx2       Metallic Aerodactyl                    

Dark Aerodactyl (Mega)

Anorithx2      Dark Anorith

Lileep          Dark Lileep         Mystic Lileep


Any single Eon(without set) you want...



Mystic Latios (Mega)Latios (Mega)Dark Latios (Mega)Metallic Latios (Mega)Shadow Latios (Mega)Shiny Latios (Mega)[Latios (Mega) Set]

Mystic Latias (Mega)Latias (Mega)Dark Latias (Mega)Metallic Latias (Mega)Shadow Latias (Mega)Shiny Latias (Mega) [Latias (Mega) Set]

Mystic Kyogre (Primal)Shadow Kyogre (Primal)Shiny Kyogre (Primal)



Sidequest Pokemon LF


Shiny KabutoShiny KabutopsShiny Omanytex2   Dark AerodactylMystic Aerodactyl

Shiny AnorithShiny Lileep



Kyogre (Primal)Dark Kyogre (Primal)Metallic Kyogre (Primal)

Mystic Groudon (Primal)Groudon (Primal)Dark Groudon (Primal)Metallic Groudon (Primal)Shadow Groudon (Primal)Shiny Groudon (Primal)




 Event Pokemon 


Zygarde (Core)

Pikachu (Jedi)Metallic Pikachu (Jedi)

Pikachu (Christmas)

Rotom (Halloween)x3

Dark Vivillon (Fancy)Dark Vivillon (Pokeball)x2

Kyurem (White)Mystic Kyurem (White)Dark Kyurem (White)Shadow Kyurem (White)Shiny Kyurem (White)

Kyurem (Black)Shiny Kyurem (Black)

Zygarde (Complete)

Arceus (Water)Mystic Arceus (Water)Dark Arceus (Water)Metallic Arceus (Water)Shadow Arceus (Water)Shiny Arceus (Water)

Rotom (Pokedex)x2Metallic Rotom (Pokedex)Mystic Rotom (Pokedex)

Missingno.Mystic Missingno.



 Event Pokemon LF (We buy all event Pokemon. These are just priorities.) 


Mystic Zygarde (Complete)Dark Zygarde (Complete)Metallic Zygarde (Complete)Shadow Zygarde (Complete)Shiny Zygarde (Complete)

Dark Missingno.Metallic Missingno.Shadow Missingno.Shiny Missingno.

 Metallic Kyurem (White) 

Mystic Kyurem (Black)Dark Kyurem (Black)Metallic Kyurem (Black)Shadow Kyurem (Black)

Mystic Rotom (Halloween)Dark Rotom (Halloween)Metallic Rotom (Halloween)Shadow Rotom (Halloween)Shiny Rotom (Halloween)

Mystic Pikachu (Jedi)Dark Pikachu (Jedi)Shadow Pikachu (Jedi)Shiny Pikachu (Jedi)

Mystic Pikachu (Christmas)Dark Pikachu (Christmas)Metallic Pikachu (Christmas)Shadow Pikachu (Christmas)Shiny Pikachu (Christmas)

Mystic Zygarde (Core)Dark Zygarde (Core)Metallic Zygarde (Core)Shadow Zygarde (Core)Shiny Zygarde (Core)

Mystic Zygarde (Cell)Dark Zygarde (Cell)Metallic Zygarde (Core)Shadow Zygarde (Core)Shiny Zygarde (Cell)







Rare Uniques


Dark Buneary   Metallic Buneary   Shiny Buneary

Metallic Eeveex3 Mystic Eeveex2      Shadow Eeveex3      Shiny Eevee

Dark FurfrouMetallic FurfrouMystic Furfroux2   Shadow Furfroux3   Shiny Furfroux2

Dark Riolu      Metallic Riolux5     Mystic RioluShadow Riolux4      Shiny Riolu

Dark Scatterbugx2    Shadow Scatterbugx6      Shiny Scatterbug

Dark Togepix2    Metallic Togepix2     Shadow Togepi    Shiny Togepix2



---------------------------------------------------------------- Unique section hasn't updated yet. It'll be updated soon----------------------------------------------------------------------

Dark Pokemon


Dark BagonDark BraixenDark BudewDark BunearyDark ClamperlDark DeinoDark DucklettDark ElectrikeDark ElekidDark HippopotasDark HoundourDark IgglybuffDark KangaskhanDark KecleonDark LaprasDark LarvitarDark OshawottDark RelicanthDark RhyhornDark SeelDark SewaddleDark SlakothDark Togepix2   Dark Volbeat



Metallic Pokemon


Metallic AbraMetallic BonslyMetallic ChimcharMetallic CubchooMetallic DruddigonMetallic DunsparceMetallic EeveeMetallic Flabebe (White)Metallic GeodudeMystic GlameowMetallic GoldeenMetallic IllumiseMetallic KangaskhanMetallic LaprasMetallic LarvitarMetallic Mudkipx2   Metallic Nidoran (F)Metallic PonytaMetallic PorygonMetallic RioluMetallic ScytherMetallic ShellderMetallic SkarmoryMetallic SphealMetallic SwirlixMetallic TaurosMetallic Togepix2   Metallic Vanillite



Mystic Pokemon


Mystic AbraMystic AronMystic AudinoMystic BagonMystic BellsproutMystic ChespinMystic ChikoritaMystic CombeeMystic CorsolaMystic DittoMystic DratiniMystic FletchlingMystic HeatmorMystic HippopotasMystic KangaskhanMystic LaprasMystic Magikarpx4Mystic Miltank   Mystic Nidoran (M)Mystic PichuMystic RhyhornMystic ShuckleMystic SigilyphMystic SnubbullMystic SphealMystic TimburrMystic VenipedeMystic Wynaut



Shadow Pokemon


Shadow CaterpieShadow ChespinShadow CuboneShadow DeinoShadow Dratinix2   Shadow DruddigonShadow DwebbleShadow FroakieShadow Golem(75k Exp)  Shadow HelioptileShadow Igglybuff Shadow JoltikShadow KangaskhanShadow KecleonShadow KlefkiShadow Magikarpx2   Shadow Meowthx2   Shadow Nidoran (F)Shadow OnixShadow OshawottShadow PsyduckShadow RioluShadow ShellderShadow SkiddoShadow SnoruntShadow SpindaShadow StantlerShadow Tympole




Shiny Pokemon


Shiny AbraShiny AipomShiny Aronx2   Shiny Bagonx3   Shiny Basculin (Blue Stripe)Shiny BinacleShiny BonslyShiny BulbasaurShiny BunearyShiny Castform (Ice)Shiny Castform (Water)Shiny CaterpieShiny Chikorita   Shiny Clamperl Shiny CombeeShiny CorsolaShiny CottoneeShiny DeinoShiny DratiniShiny DucklettShiny ElectrikeShiny FarfetchdShiny FennekinShiny GeodudeShiny GirafarigShiny HawluchaShiny HeracrossShiny IllumiseShiny InkayShiny KecleonShiny KricketotShiny Lapras   Shiny Larvitarx2   Shiny LillipupShiny LitwickShiny MachopShiny Magikarpx3   Shiny MakuhitaShiny MiltankShiny Mime Jr.Shiny MinccinoShiny Mudkipx4   Shiny Noibatx2   Shiny NumelShiny OnixShiny Oshawottx3Shiny PachirisuShiny Panpourx2   Shiny PawniardShiny PhanpyShiny PidgeottoShiny Piplupx3   Shiny PlusleShiny PonytaShiny RattataShiny RhyhornShiny Sandshrewx2   Shiny SawkShiny ScytherShiny SeelShiny SeviperShiny SewaddleShiny ShellderShiny ShroomishShiny ShuckleShiny SlowpokeShiny SlugmaShiny SmeargleShiny StantlerShiny TeddiursaShiny TentacoolShiny TepigShiny ThrohShiny TorkoalShiny Trapinchx3   Shiny Turtwigx2   Shiny VenonatShiny YanmaShiny ZoruaShiny Zubatx2 






Also we have got lots of Level 100 Pokemon. Contact us if you want. 





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1 hour ago, RareHunterXTD said:

Unfortunaly... :(

how about for shiny Giratina or Dark Groudon?

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1 hour ago, RareHunterXTD said:

Guys I won't expect that much attention for Groudon and Kyogre. I have to mention it, I trade Primal Duo for only other types of Primal Duos. I will edit the thread for this. 

So does that mean you'll only trade your Dark Groudon and Shadow Kyogre for other types of Groudon and Kyogre?

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