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Redirected to another map and a data base connection failed message popped up

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Well i really dont know that if it is a bug or error but when battling my shiny munchlax with a normal skrelp , none of the attacks worked on skrelp , eg body slam , bite , tackle , pound , but when i refreshed the page and went on the maps and fought another pokemon it was not the case but everything worked fine , after defeating the other pokemon when i clicked the option to return to the map , i was redirected to map 1 ( grass land map ) but i was currently on map 13 ( cave land map ) and a message like notification popped up which said " Data base connection failed " but i removed the notification and continued on the map 13 , so if its a bug or error i hope it can be fixed though it only happened to me for the first time but i just wanted to report it for the welfare of the game :)

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