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Hello guys! 


I want to talk about the donation system now. 


Actually I really appiriciate the donation system. It let us to support a game that we like plus we obtain a really cool pokemon as a gift. It is really really good but there is a point, the only way to donate this game is Paypal. I think it is a problem because it is not flexible. Paypal doesn't service all countries in the world and I think Vortex is an international game.


For an example, I can't use Paypal and this is sooooo sad. 9_9


@Patrick Please provide us some other ways to donate Pokemon Vortex...

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On 06.08.2016 at 14:54, glaceon001 said:

It doesn't mean he didn't see it. ^_^

I think at least an explaining about why another options are unable should be written here.



13 hours ago, Lion Tiger Katol said:

there should be like another way to donate .. because players like me dont have a credit card or paymentwall so we cannot donate even if we want to..

maybe like a paymentwall like in other online private servers

I am unable to donate even I have a credit card.

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