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Hunt Boy Thread

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Dark ZapdosWelcome guys

now I will hunt for u any unique pokemons,leggies and some unique leggies which I already have.

Rates:depends upon rarity.

unique Fancy or Pokeball: 9 set of non legends

unique Jeldi:6 or 7 set of non legends

Normal Kanto fossils: 2 to 3 uniques non leggy

unique kanto fossils: 4 to 5 unique non legends

Normal Heonn Fossil:2 to 3 normal leggy

Unique Heonn Fossil: 2 to 3 unique legends

Normal Sinnoh Fossil: 5 to 6 unique Leggies

Unique Sinnoh Fossil: 10 to 13 unique leggies

Legend: 1 to 3 legends

unique legend:2 unique legends


Rest will be added soon.If u have any complain regarding these rates then pm me.


Note:if u wanna trade with me check my thread(Just Trade Thread).IGN :demonstriker

U guys can also pm me.


I mainly want unique,scatterbugs,unique Ralts,unique Eevees in some cases.

Also want leggies,unique legends,Exp,fossils ,primials and eventry.

Bidding: bidding will be take place on same pokemons.


Jobs done: 22 so far

Job in progress: srki123 Shiny Mareepdone



Kiwizufan:Shadow Scatterbugx2 done



Previous job done: seth and manavsharma

What I'm not hunting. All uiquesMewtwoArceusGroudonRayquazaKyogreLatiasLatios

Needed uniques to complete my dex:Metallic ArceusShiny ArceusDark ArceusMetallic EnteiMetallic GenesectDark GenesectMetallic Ho-ohDark JirachiMystic JirachiMystic KeldeoMetallic KyuremShadow LandorusShiny LandorusMetallic MespritMystic MespritShiny MewMetallic RayquazaShiny RayquazaMetallic ReshiramDark ReshiramDark ShayminMystic Yveltal

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1 hour ago, londonisback said:

Mate how many unique legends can u hunt for normal bastiodon

u back again.u choose for bastiodon.

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2 hours ago, londonisback said:

Ok tell me when u finish the hunt

U will get updates on this thread.And when I finish this I will let u know.

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8 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

@Fire Blaze  In your "Currently Hunting" tab can you update it with the list of legends you caught for me?? :) 

I can't find enough time to list them,I will listed them in few hours.

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10 hours ago, starphoenix said:

May I know how many legends you can hunt for a normal Aerodactyl? Thanks! ^^

dont want aero.

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