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Josip Kosic

I got an idea about pokedex

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Hello, some peoples are collecting all pokemons and some already completed pokedex

but not all peoples have enogh time to catch all of pokemons, there are many evolutions and forms.

So some peoples are catching certain types only.

so what if in pokedex you make legendaries, events ,shiny etc..... as categories separated from other pokemons ?

It would be much easier to locate Certain pokemon in pokedex than it is now.

Or maybe even to make users  chose between types and forms wich will be shown in pokedex

like Legends,Events,Shiny,Dark etc......

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1 hour ago, Josip Kosic said:

Yeah ik but this game is practitly Dead , it is not fun to play with 2 - 7 thousand peoples online it is hard to find trades

so if we help with ideas we can help make this one of best browser games ever xDxDxD



Just gonna say this, how is that possible. 2-7 thousand players playing and yet it's dead?


Also, you can pretty much do a Pokedex for things like Shiny, Dark, etc. Just go down the row that you wanna do.


Also, it is currently impossible for anyone to have finished the entire game Pokedex.

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im sorry if i said someting but 2 - 7 thousand seems like small number i mean some new  games have like 20 - 30 thousand players online at once

i did not mean to say someting bad but game could have a lot more players

people usualy play at gba or gbc and when i ask them do they Know about this game they say never heard

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