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Team Hunter - Giveaway

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Hello everyone! Since we became a team we had lots of good time so we decided to organize a giveaway! Prizes are not much but the important part is having and sharing some fun! :)

 So shall we start?




-  Global forum rules apply

- Be patient until the result comes :D

- Thread is open for discussions

- Have fun!






1-  Post your IGN

2- Type your favourite singer/DJ/band

3- Say something about your choice (optional)

4- Recommend a song from your choice





1st Place: Latios (Mega)Shiny PalkiaShiny ZekromMystic CobalionMystic KyuremArceusLileepPikachuwith 2M Exp + 10 Random Uniques

2nd Place: Latias (Mega)Shadow LugiaShiny RegirockMystic VirizionZygardeOmanyteHaxorus with 1M Exp + 5 Random Uniques






Winners will be announced at 18.08.2016

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