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Rotom (Pokedex) Event!

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So we got a new event now(at last!). :) This is a map event to trying to catch these bad boys:


Rotom (Pokedex)Shiny Rotom (Pokedex)Dark Rotom (Pokedex)Metallic Rotom (Pokedex)Shadow Rotom (Pokedex)Mystic Rotom (Pokedex)



Rotom (Pokedex) Event!

Head over to the throwback electric map which used to be a part of version 1 on Pokemon Vortex.
It is said there is a HIGHLY RARE chance to encounter Rotom (Pokedex) in all 6 of its types there among the few selected other Pokemon you'd typically see in an abandoned town / electric environment.
This is a limited time event so be sure not to waste any time in your hunt.






Is there anyone to catch any of Rotoms? :D

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1 hour ago, RareHunterXTD said:

We also got a Shadow Rotom (Pokedex)


Everyone is getting these shadows... :S

Oh really? LoL that crazy. xD 

I do not know how likely to find one of those. I played only 30 minutes and then leaves to study.
There are more Shadow Rotom (Pokedex) than the other types?o.O

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1 hour ago, Loki said:


I have yet to find any legendary actually. So my luck isn't so good right now. 

I was almost 30 minutes playing and had only found a Zapdos(Normal). I was about to give up looking, because I had to study. I found just before leaving. LOL
If you have more time to play, you will find. Just do not give up, has until Sunday. Good luck bro  (^_^)v

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I find now that this event is the most difficult ever released :o_o:
Because the Rotom (Pokedex) is twice as difficult to find. Therefore, it is more difficult thanCaterpie (Christmas) and Volcanion when they were released for maps. LOL :S

I hope I find another Rotom :T_T:  (^_^)v


Please note: Rotom (Pokedex) requires you to have met the requirements of encountering legendary Pokémon for it to spawn. It is also a lot rarer than regular legendary Pokémon.

I think that's it. I do not quite understand LOL.
If anyone has confirmation that let me know. :><:

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i have normal and shiny rotom pokedex for trade, anyone with good offers? 

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