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Guest Çağrı Budakoğlu

First and Last Giveaway

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Guest Çağrı Budakoğlu

Well you know what happened. (or not?) This is my interesting and short time limited event. There is 15 number from 1 to 15. Eallch number including different rewards. LIKE:


1- 2 events

2- 10 unique leggies

3- 25 lvl 100 pokes4- 1 event 10 unique leggies

ETC its just a sample.

Event will be resulted when all numbers filled. Dont ask me for videos or proofs something. 



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Guest Çağrı Budakoğlu

Well i guess its over. 

1 hour ago, chingki123 said:



1 hour ago, iZeus said:



your numbers are already taken.


All numbers are taken, ill announce the winners few mins later

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