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Disappearing Beartic ;(

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Hello all, I, Devilion2 was training my level 38 male Beartic and it all of a sudden glichted and is now say This Pokémon Is A Glicht And Will Be Deleted in the picture where Beartic should be. The new Pokémon is still level 38 and male except now named 0 and has no attacks! Thanks for reading and please fix this I'd like my Beartic back. Thanks again for your time!

Image of Pokémon Now




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This problem usually arises when you try to evolve many pokemon at the same time on different tabs. You've probably done the same.

Unfortunately, your pokemon will not be returned. You could either release this pokemon or wondertrade it away.

Just be more careful next time. :)


Getting another beartic should be really easy anyway.



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