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New Trading System

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Hello,I git idea obout new trading system,

it is sometimes frustrating when you give offer in trade and wait 2 -3 weeks to hear that it is declined,

also when player is online and you dont know what he wants,

so what if you add live trading system with like chat window and when you press trade other guy get notification 

do you want to trade with ********* if he press yes you can chat with him wich pokemon you want and wich you dont want 

and he can add and remove pokemon in offer window (wich is also chat window),

so you can add or remove pokemons and make a deal in chat

i dont say you should remove old trading system he should stay for offline players

 but you should add new trading system for trade with online players

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On 14.08.2016. at 8:03 PM, Haxor69 said:

I won't even bother to understand that....

there is nothing to understand it is simple live trading system,

when you are trading with someone you can chat with  that person in same time

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That's a good idea, other point is that sometimes you search for a pokemon in the trade system and there are not too many available.
For exemple, i've searched for a Shadow Weedle recently and there was like 2 of them put into trade like in the last 2 weeks and the other where like 10 months ago or a year ago, and then when you start looking at those players' profiles (those who put their pokemon into trade system a year ago) [sometimes I do that to see if the players is still active, logged in recently, etc] some of them actually got banned.
I think that should be a way to remove from trade pokemons of banned users.

Also would be cool if they implement something like an auction where you could buy pokemon from banned players (Not the ones they actually cheated to achieve, but at least those Lvl 12 Shadow Weedles that don't harm anyone).

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