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  1. Offer unique pokemon to complete Social Sharing tasks
  2. Server selection (Join friends in map)
  3. Auto Rebuy for used items/medicines/stones etc
  4. Option to purchase in game items and money for $$...
  5. Weekly Tasks to be completed to build rep or earn rewards (Keeps players coming back & playing longer)
  6. Daily users get prizes that build in value the more days they play (Money, Uniqque commons, Leggy, Exclusive Items such as double EXP token valid for 1 hour etc)
  7. Also i think @Patrick needs to add Revives to the Pokemart
  8. Appear Offline/Busy/AFK options
  9. In Game purchases Example $10-Mega Bundle Small / $15 Mega Bundle Medium / $20 Mega Bundle Large. All containing at least 1 legendary. Rarity depending on the cost of the pack. Perhaps 5 common, 4 Uncommon, 1 Rare
  10. Where it shows on your profile Badges/Events/Ribbons collected. It should show all available ones but the ones not yet obtained should be semi transparent so people that want to collect them all know what to aim for! <---
  11. Remove purchasable attacks and replace them with HM/TM's and add as a section to the Pokemart and some that you can only win from Gym battles
  12. Add Signatures for the Forums
  13. Remove the double posting rule from the forums. This is the 1st forum i have seen with this rule and in my personal opinion it reduces the amount of posts and can be confusing if you need to quote a multiple persons. It makes sense just to quote them per separate post rather than adding it to the list of ever growing quotes then them having to sieve through to find it... This rule is unnecessary and confuzzling lol
  14. Give an option to arrange the Pokedex by Pokemon number, Order of most recently caught, Or alphabetically.
  15. Add a live Refreshing chat to replace messages that take longer
  16. Include a Donation option where donators get Ads removed plus an exclusive pokemon with guarantee of limited release to secure rarity
  17. Add more grassy areas on outdoor maps and set wild pokemon to only appear in tall grass like in the original gameboy games
  18. Hire me to do graphics ;)
  19. Add boxes like in the old Gameboy games on the PC. So we can catch commons and not have them mixed in with Legendarys or events. (I.e, 20 Boxes OR Categories that can be edited such as leggys, events, commons, shinys etc) I want to fill my Dex but hate the idea of 5000+ pokemon having to load each time i want to trade something
  20. When you send a trade for example, Add a search box taht real time insta searches for the pokemon instead of searching through possibly thousands. Or add a Leggy, Event option to separate them from commons
  21. Add Unique Uncommons in the wild instead of just normal uncommons




  1. Wiki Error: After Sevii Islands the wiki shows it is TCG Island, The 1st few battles are with Deoxys forms that are in the wrong region on the wiki
  2. When on any map and open "members" Whilst typing in game name, Letters WASD don't work as they still register map movement. Cose needs editing to prioritise typing when a menu is open instead of moving on the map
  3. Steps on map 3 (Grass) you can only get up one side not 2 slots that should be accessible like other 2 slot stairs




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4 hours ago, RareHunterXTD said:

Lol you are describing a Facebook game... 

How so? Because of in game purchases? Best way for any Game web or Facebook to earn revenue...

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On 8/19/2016 at 1:24 AM, RareHunterXTD said:

Game purchases repuls so many player. This is a fully F2P game and most of players enjoy it.

Look at the biggest majority of apps or Games such as World Of Tanks, Clash Of Clans etc. All FTP with option to pay extra for in game currency etc. Don't have to pay anything if you want to roll around the free game and just earn ad revenue for the creators but some players would love the idea of being able to purchase 10x Masterball for example for $0.99 or an extra event ticket when events are out. Again though it's just my opinion.

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