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Alolan Exeggutor

Alolan Exeggutor Sprite v4  

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  1. 1. Which Alolan Exeggutor sprite would you like to be featured in Vortex v4?

    • The left one.
    • The right one.
    • I don't care, because both look beautiful.
    • I can make a better one myself.

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In Vortex v4, Alolan pokemon will be added too (eventually). Patrick has to decide which sprites to use, but for this one, he wants your feedback.


Which Alolan Exeggutor sprite do you like most?


Choices are:


hewNSGG.gif and .eJwNzFEOwiAMANC7cABaoDDdnx-ewxCGHQmzy-g


Thanks for your feedback :)



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5 hours ago, MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr. said:

The right one looks AWESOME so, does the left one but, I like the right one more even, though they both look beautiful but, great job! Keep up the good work! You're the best!

Only one of 2 is made by me. The other one is from the internet.

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