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Addu's Trade (Updated 28-Aug-16)

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Looking For:

Shadow DialgaShiny Dialga(Arceus (Water)& all its unique) 

All Groundons & Kyogres...

Other Event Pokemons....


Pokemon I Have:


Normal Legends:

Cobalion.gifx2Darkrown.gifDiancie.gifGenesect.gifx2Jirachi.gifKyogre.gifx3Kyurem.gifLatios.gifLugia.gif x2 Yveltal.gifTornadus.gifDialga.gifx2Moltres.gif x4 Palkia.gifRayquaza%20(Mega).gifReshiram.gifShaymin.gifSuicune.gifx2Virizion.gifx2Landorus.gifLatias.gifGroudonRegigigas.gifEntei.gifMew.gifMesprit.gifx2Mewtwo.gifArceus.gifx3


Unique Legends:

Metallic%20Dialga.gifMystic%20Dialga.gifDark%20Dialga.gifx2Metallic%20Uxie.gifShadow%20Registeel.gifShiny%20Registeel.gifShadow%20Terrakion.gifShiny%20Manaphy.gifDark%20Tornadus.gifMystic%20Darkrown.gifMystic%20Entei.gifMystic%20Zekrom.gifDark%20Zekrom.gifx2Mystic%20Moltres.gifDark%20Articuno.gifShiny%20Reshiram.gifDark%20Reshiram.gifShadow YveltalShadow JirachiMystic%20Zapdos.gifMetallic%20Landorus.gifMetallic%20Zygarde.gifShiny%20Keldeo.gifMetallic%20Kyurem.gifMetallic%20Arceus.gifMetallic%20Deoxys.gifMystic%20Deoxys.gifMystic%20Latios.gifShadow%20Latios.gif



Mystic%20Blastoise%20(Mega).gif EXP:  11,001,251



Other Pokemon:




Mystic%20Blastoise%20(Mega).gif  EXP:   214,987

Shiny%20Blastoise%20(Mega).gif EXP:  431,636

Shadow%20Venusaur%20(Mega).gif EXP:  424,869

Venusaur%20(Mega).gif EXP:  462,858

Metallic%20Charizard%20(Mega%20Y).gif EXP:  373,687

Dark%20Charizard%20(Mega%20X).gif EXP:  1,001,160





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9 hours ago, VITOL said:

myShiny Darkrownfor ur Shiny Manaphy?

sry but not interested in single legendary trades.....


10 hours ago, SombraShadow said:

Would you trade anything for a shiny abra or Shiny Mega Tyranitar???

do they have high exp?

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16 hours ago, Adnan Anwar said:

Blastoise Set:

Mystic%20Blastoise%20(Mega).gif  EXP:  11,001,251

Metallic%20Blastoise%20(Mega).gif  EXP:  68,014

Shadow%20Blastoise%20(Mega).gif  EXP:  71,419

Blastoise%20(Mega).gif EXP:  63,847

Dark%20Blastoise%20(Mega).gif EXP: 125,477




Please correct this. This is not a Blastoise set. This is Blastoise (Mega) set. :)

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1 hour ago, Barış Bayraktar said:

Please correct this. This is not a Blastoise set. This is Blastoise (Mega) set. :)

done... happy....

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6 hours ago, gioazeysss said:

My Shadow Dialgafor your Shiny Manaphy

My Mystic Kyogre for your Metallic Arceus

Kindly offer on my trades if you agree
IGN: gioazeysss

4 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

My Shadow Dialgafor your Metallic Arceus?


no sorry change arceus

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