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well just wanted to ask when is botted exp getting reset as i have received a pokemon 3 million from top trainer "Malan" and lol he is banned so the exp might be also banned and also won 10 million exp in a recent giveaway and the OT of the person is also banned but from whom i received is not so i am getting a bit confused, though it has not turned 50k but i would really like to know about it , thank u :) and i also wanted to know that will i get into trouble if, by any means, the exp is botted (hopefuly not) :(

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15 hours ago, amank said:

When the Admins will see it they will check it and if its botted it will be resetted and you Might not get into trouble.


3 hours ago, Loki said:

I believe all botted exp will be reset upon the release of v4. 

@seth1129400 As long as you didn't bot anything you will not get into trouble. Also all botted exp should be gone from the game when v4 is released so don't worry :) 

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