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Creating multiple accounts on same E-mail address


well i know that u can create multiple accounts on vortex with no limitation , but a question arose that can u make multiple accounts on the same E-mail address over and over, for example if i have an email : xyz@pokemon.com and sign up on vortex ,then i create another account for whatever purpose on the same email and see that the first account does not get replaced and nothing happens so i make 5 more accounts on the same email, so will all the accounts be banned / deleted / will i get into trouble , will they be ip banned or something ? :sigh: :chat: :=|: @sportsandmusic69 or someone else from the mods please answer this as i dont want the answer eg ( i think u can , i think u cannot ) i did not mention any other mod as uncle_psychic is busy , and so is patrick :)

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1. You can try that by yourself and you will get answer for few minute. (you can make how much u want)
2. For example u don't need e-mail like: srki123@yahoo.com or srki123@google.com.. You can just write (for example) 12.5@pp.t and Vortex will accept that e-mail adress.


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