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1 hour ago, HunterAvian said:

I think original games better. I want nature, ability, Ev's , Iv's and i want to gain attacks with level. What do you think guys ??

the thing is that these differences r what make vortex different from other games , though this site is not affiliated with nintendo or etc so this is a totally different game and at another level , so comparing vortex with other pokemon franchise games like ruby, emerald, heartgold etc if EVs and Ivs etc etc r added , they will change the meaning of vortex and it wont be fun to play then , it will get far far difficult  :) though other people opinion may differ

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I think ability should be added, but not gain attacks with level or nature. Also, weather conditions should be added, possibly as a status effect that affects Shadow Pokémon too and afflicts all Pokémon in play? Also, double battles would be nice.

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