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Inkay and Pangoro event


Played Vortex again  after 2014 and a lot has changed!

Can someone please answer these questions?

1.there was a inkay/pangoro event on,Just out of curiosity,how was it done?

2.Are all v2 accounts cleared?

3.Are Dratini forms catchable?

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1.I believe this was right at the end of v2 where inkay/malamar and pancham/pangoro were released on the maps,they are common map pokemon in v3 as everything was reset after v2


3.All types of dratini(shiny,dark,etc) are available.However the special ones (dratinice,dratinire,dratinilic) are unobs as of now

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On 3/9/2016 at 10:55 PM, Haxor69 said:

1. You can catch Inkey on Grass maps or Dark maps. Pangoro is Pancham's evolution so those event details were fake where ever you got tbem from

2. Yes.

3. No.

I take it you didnt play in 2014?It was when gen 6 came out They were the first 2 in vortex,Never did figure out how to complete that event,hence  my question.

Thanks for answering,


@Uncle_Psychic:Knew i was not hallucinating! Thanks,thread can be closed nw

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