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Chingki's trading thread

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:MasterBall:Legendaries section:MasterBall:



Kyogre (Primal)Metallic Groudon (Primal)



Legendaries I have:

Metallic AzelfMetallic ArceusMetallic LugiaMetallic RegisteelMetallic Virizion

Mystic AzelfMystic DarkrownMystic ShayminMystic GiratinaMystic Yveltal

Shadow VirizionShadow LugiaShadow YveltalShadow DarkrownShadow LatiasShadow LugiaShadow ManaphyShadow Palkia

Dark DeoxysDark EnteiDark Zapdos

Shiny DeoxysShiny MespritShiny UxieShiny Kyurem


Legendaries I want:

Metallic ArticunoMetallic CelebiMetallic DeoxysMetallic LatiasMetallic ManaphyMetallic PhioneMetallic UxieMetallic MewtwoMetallic Arceus

Mystic EnteiMystic ManaphyMystic PhioneMystic RegirockMystic Shaymin (Sky)Mystic UxieMystic MewtwoMystic Arceus

Dark DialgaDark ArticunoDark Ho-ohDark Shaymin (Sky)Dark ManaphyDark RaikouDark RegigigasDark RegirockDark RegisteelDark MewtwoDark Arceus

Shadow Ho-ohShadow RegiceShadow KyuremShadow MewtwoShadow ArceusShadow Rayquaza

Shiny GiratinaShiny MewtwoShiny ArceusShiny Rayquaza


:UltraBall:EVENTS SECTION:UltraBall:


I am mainly looking for donations

But other events are also fine.


Events I have for trade:

Missingno.Rotom (Pokedex)Dark Arceus (Water)Mystic Arceus (Water)

Pikachu (Jedi)Rotom (Halloween)Shiny Kyurem (Black)Shiny Arceus (Electric)






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7 hours ago, chingki123 said:

Lol not really into Exp guys, unless the offer is super good

your  Dark Arceus (Water)Mystic Arceus (Water)Rotom (Pokedex)Rotom (Halloween)  to my  Shiny%20Rotom%20(Pokedex).gif

or Dark Arceus (Water)Missingno. to my Shiny%20Rotom%20(Pokedex).gif?


your  Kyogre (Primal)Metallic Groudon (Primal)Pikachu (Jedi)  to my  Shiny Kyurem (Black) or  Shiny Kyurem (White) ?

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6 hours ago, GodsWithin said:


Use the "Edit" feature to add more stuff to a previous post instead of Double Posting :) Thanks! I will get this one fixed 

Thanks :) 

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