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How do I donate?


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1 hour ago, Shadowhunter11go said:

I would like to know if, and how i can donate because i have a 10 euro unused paysafe card and don't know what to spend it on otherwise


shiny rayquaza any1 have this one up for trade?

u can only donate for pokemon like Hoopa (Unbound)Arceus (Fairy)Giratina (Origin)Mewtwo (Armor)on specific ocassions when Patrick , the game admin , needs fund for buying servers, updating etc, and no one knows when will be the next donation be held , they all cost 10$ each and can be baught in all six types eg : shiny, normal, mystic, metallic, dark, shadow, both unique and normal r priced the same and the payment method is through PayPal :) 

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