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Guide To Forum Images [With Video]

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What's up Vortex Players! JustParky here with my 1st Guide.


Edit: I have added a Video at the bottom of this thread!


Today i will be explaining for those that are new to posting images on forum boards in detail how to get the perfect look for your thread!

I will cover Where to get clean looking Logos and Images. Positioning, Sizes, Types and Image Hosting...



Creating Banner Text or Text Logos & Image Types

To begin you need to know the difference between PNG & JPEG Images (2 Most commonly used). A PNG image is one that can have a Transparent Background. Where as a JPEG will have a solid colour background. For example if you created a Text Logo and saved it as a JPEG it would have a solid background colour. Where as if the Text is transparent and you save it as a PNG the background will stay transparent.

Click to see Examples...








A few places where you can create similar text are Flaming Text, Text Craft, & another is Cool Text. Each one allows you to save as a JPEG or a PNG so depending on the backdrop you intend to place them on. All 3 sites give the option to save as a Solid Picture JPEG or have a Transparent Background PNG.



Sizes & Positioning

Another important step in creating that perfect thread is Sizing an Positioning your images!

You can have the images or text you want on your thread to be placed in either the Left, Centre or the Right. Click the Spoiler to see examples!



3eccc00e6c.jpg<-- Left

3eccc00e6c.jpg<-- Center



To choose what position you would like to see your design. Use the following sorters.


Those will align whatever text or image you want to move. You can either click the position you want before you add your chosen text or image. Or once added, if you highlight the chosen image or text you can then click where you want to align them to and anything highlighted will be moved to that position.


Now to Sizes. To change the size of your font if you do not know how to. Use the same bar shown above and click on size. Again you can do this before typing or highlight what you want to be bigger or smaller then click "Size" and proceed that way. As for images, 2 image resizing sites you can use easily are Ipiccy & Pic Resize. With both all you need to do is upload your chosen image then use the options to resize. Click the spoiler to see some examples of sizes. (Measured in Pixels)

This threads header image is 777px by 224px to give you an idea of what size to try to get to fit the thread nicely.

(Resizing smaller fonts and images larger will distort them so always try start big and if you need to get it smaller then work down to maintain a higher resolution)


3ed0415abd.jpg      3ed027b6c1.jpg



Image Hosting

Finally we are going to learn about image hosting. This is a website or server that stores millions of images like a safe box for the web where you can get a direct link to your image. The one i use is ImgSafe. Simply upload the image you wish to paste onto the forums and you will then be given several links to choose from. For example a Direct Link will take you to a webpage that has just the 1 image on with nothing else. Pasting this onto the forums (Shortcut Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to Paste) will place your image keeping it's original size. Another option is thumbnails. Using that link will paste the image you have chosen as a thumbnail (Smaller)



Click the spoiler to see an example...


Original ---> 3ed3254782.jpg


Thumbnail ---> 3edcc47fb4.jpg


Choose which you want. Copy the link and paste it wherever you want the image to be!


I have prepared the alphabet for those that want to use it. Highlight the required letters, then CTRL + C to copy and use CTRL + V to paste them onto your thread!






I hope you found this guide useful and enjoy creating that perfect looking thread!

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