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Lucario (Mega) because he has one heck of a move set. People argue that blaziken (mega) is better because it's fire type, but I generally like his move set. 

Giratina (Origin) Despite the fact that he doesn't have the BEST move set, you can create a really solid one by using common sense.

 Arceus (Fairy) This monster isn't really affected by anything, but it's immune to dragon type,

 Sableye (Mega) Do I really even have to explain this one? xD

aggron (mega) With a high as heck defense it doesn't really matter what happens to this pokemon. It's speed is low, but in Vortex that doesn't matter.

Charizard (Mega Y) Who doesn't want this monstrous fire breathing dragon on a team?

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All right, I hardly play anymore, but when I do, I usually use this team:

Fennekin, Rapidash/Ponyta (can't make up my mind there, since because I don't use custom movesets, Rapidash is stronger, but I like Ponyta better), Pikachu (Pop Star) (Volt Tackle is OP), Charmander, Piplup, and Timburr. And yes, Leida uses a similar team, but only because I bribed her.
~StarPonyta20 is Ril and is BACK!

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My main team is the following one:

Shiny Mawile (Mega)Shiny Camerupt (Mega)Metallic Heracross (Mega)Dark TrevenantShiny WeavileShiny Toxtricity (Amped)

I'm currently trying to assemble a new one, just to create a little more variation for myself.
It's proving difficult to put anything together that comes even remotely close to the main squad, however.

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