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SoupsMcNova's Mini-Giveaway #5 *Ended*

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                                    Welcome to my 5th giveaway!

*note the reason this is a "mini-giveaway" is that when I usually do giveaways I giveaway a lot of good events and this event barely has any good events*.



-All forums rules apply

-Post your ign once

-Don't spam

-Don't get mad if you don't win.

-Give me your password to your account


The Winners are:


1. -phoenix,

2. -penguinKiller

3. -norse_loki

4. -dark_gold




The prizes are:


Kyurem (Black) + Kyurem (White)



Pikachu (Christmas)+Pikachu (Jedi)+Shiny Pikachu (Jedi)Mystic Pikachu (Jedi)+Metallic Pikachu (Jedi)


Zygarde+Zygarde (Partial)+Zygarde (Cell)x2 + Shadow Zygarde *Image doesn't want to work too ugly I guess*


Arceus (normal):

Dark Arceus+Metallic Arceus 



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announcing the Winners!!
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ign: Boo-she

Thanks for the giveaway, broski! Love ya(no homo)!

Also, pls don't take away the Pokemon or trade it away from me if I win. Whatever u call it, idk. Just notify me until, I see it on my notifications. i will be busy most of the day on studying my ASVAB/driver's license. U can pm/message me. I will see the notification eventually, because I will be on my laptop studying for an hour for the ASVAB. I'm not trying to be a needy person or anything. I'm just saying because, this happened to someone that won a giveaway. before.

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