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Unique Arceus Giveaway

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Hello friends,

Since the new event increases the need for unique Arceus, I wanted to make a giveaway and help those who finished (or almost finished) the sidequests but has no unique Arceus.

Here is the reward list, it's not much but that's all I can afford to give for the timebeing.

 Shiny Arceus Shadow ArceusDark ArceusMetallic ArceusMystic ArceusNote that I only have 3 Shiny Arceus to give

1st place : Can choose 3 different unique Arceus of their choice

2nd place:  Can choose 2 different unique Arceus of their choice

3rd place:  Can choose 1 unique Arceus of their choice


Just post your IGN. The giveaway ends tomorrow at 13.45 (Turkey time GMT+2)

I will announce the winners tomorrow after 14.00 (Turkey time GMT+2)

Good luck ;)


Thank you everyone for your kind words and participation.

The winners are:





1st place:  @ns1155

2nd place:  @yadonmvp22

3rd place:  @darkxknight101

The winners can pm me here or in game at ign jacknick and choose their Arceus.

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I´m seeing guys here that have almost all type of Arceus prepared to evolve but also participating... please respect the idea of the jacknick11 of helping to who doesn´t have Arceus, have some honesty and don´t take advantage of a humane gesture, in general.

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