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Idea for Rockruff's Evolutions

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As we know the pokemon Rockruff may to be added in Pokemon vortex after the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon , it also has two evolutions , one in day and one in night , i was thinking for the following methods of evolution for Rockruff to evlolve : 


Day form : Rockruff to be trained to 4 hearts happiness at day on maps for its evolution to its day form.


Night form : Rockruff to be trained to 4 hearts happiness at night on maps for its evolution to its night form.


I know that cave and fire maps are not affected by day or night , so probably to evove Rockruff , it should be trained preferably on grass, ghost, ice, electric maps , i would like some feed back from other players , its just a suggestion , maybe we can find somemore interesting ways of evolution or the basic leveling up evolution. :D thank u .

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