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Unique Arceus Giveaway V2

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Hello again friends :)

I wanna surprise you guys and share some of my extra unique Arceus, again :D If you missed the 1st giveaway, here is your chance :)

I have just receieved some good news about my personal life, which made me pretty happy, and I thought, let's make some fellow vortexers happy :)

Unfortunately I have no Shiny Arceusleft to giveaway :(

But what I have is all other types of arceus: Shadow ArceusDark ArceusMetallic ArceusMystic Arceus

Just like the previous giveaway, post your IGN. Same prize list:

1st place : 3 different unique arceus of their choice

2nd place : 2 different  unique arceus of their choice

3rd place : 1 unique arceus of their choice


The winners are:

1st place: dark_gold @Adnan Anwar

2nd place: Boo-she @MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.

3rd place: 123aman @123Aman-2

Thank you everybody, for your nice words :) See you again in V3 :D 

Good luck guys ;)

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Thanks for the Giveaway, broski...hope I'll win :P

P.S. I really need a  Arceus because, I'm struggling to find one on the map when, I already have a zap plate. It will be a huge blessing if u let me have it/I will appreciate it.

You are one nice/kind citizen.

Firstly, congrats on whatever in your life that made u so happy/thanks for making the vortex players happy, as well. Also, whatever have happened good in your life....xD

I love that u care about people.


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U are too awesome.
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