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Problem with caught pokemon

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2 hours ago, AlphaWildWolf said:

I've caught a few pokemon but none of them are showing up.

if u have more than 6 pokemon , they will be automaticaly transferred to ur "profile" so check them in the "view all pkemon" otion , 

another problem can be an internet cache problem , try cleaning up ur unimportant space (try to google this one as some tend to clean up the whole Pc, lol) 

another one could be that if u caught them and wonder traded them , u just got another random pokemon from someone else and u will not own the pokemon u caught

if u can give more details on the forums we all can help ,  @Uncle_Psychic and @sportsandmusic69 check if this topic is supposed to move somewhere else on the forums , more like "Ask Questions" section etc :) 

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