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The Xism Giveaway

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Hello folkies, I am CaptainX

Tomorrow happens to be The World X ism day xD and I am want to do this giveaway

Rules of the giveaway

  • Post yor IGN and the password
  • No spamming or scamming or spalming or wotever tis called.
  • View my account CaptainX and tell me which is ,for you, the best pokemon

This is my first ever giveaway and proper post as my trade page failed so i do wish that this happens to be a success

The results will be given on either 1st October night or on Gandhi's or Shastri's birthday (depending on the internet as storms have damaged the Wifi and signals dont come easily if you are in the middle of a forest ). If not announced , I shall announce.

The Prizes are 

1. Kyurem (Black)DialgaZekrom

2. Mystic PalkiaShiny Zapdos

3. Mystic CobalionDark Charmander

Yeah, the prizes aren't to great or exciting but still a prize's a prize xD 


Participate , enjoy :):):) 


CaptainX aka Adeep14

ps I turn 15 xD

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Accoring to me  Darkrai.gifis always best (also in your account)

But in your account  Volcanion.gif is better

thanks for the giveaway

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