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How To Run A Hunting Or Training Center On Forums?

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How To Run A Hunting Or Training Center?


Are you thinking of opening a Training Center? Or are you going to open a Hunting Center? Or is your Training/Hunting Center not running very well?

Well, this is the right place for you to learn the strategy to open/run a successful center.

So here it goes:

  • You should always make the rates affordable. The rates shouldn't be based on only your rates. It should be a mixture of  your and the other community's rates.
  • You should make your training/hunting center more interactive and interesting by using legit means.
  • You should maintain a "Currently Training/Hunting"and a "Completed Training/Hunting"spoilers.
  • Check your thread everyday and do make fast responses.
  • If possible, you should also tell the time in which you'll complete the job.
  • Make your thread brief by adding spoilers.
  • You should always-never betray your customers. By that I mean, you should always accept required amount of jobs which you can possibly finish within the time.
  • When people give you a job, they put in trust on you. When you close a thread without finishing all the jobs, the customers get disappointed. Therefore, manage everything according to the time you got.
  • The owner of a Hunting Thread shall always hunt pokemons not trade for them.
  • You should be Reliable + Legit. Thats what matters.


I guess this is it. Its long but if you you use these points, you'll surely have a successful center.

Here are some of the successful training/hunting centers:





                    Mr.Magnificent's Third Guide/Strategy. :) 


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